Vision & Mission

We continually strive to strengthen and improve the positive impact we have n our students and community, transforming their lives , as well as our own, through our hard work. We “WILL” become known nationally as an institution that “MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO THE SOCIETY”. we continually strive to innovate finding new & more effective ways to educate and serve students. We sustain rigour in our work holding high standards and expectation for both our students & for ourselves.Students greet us by mentioning pioneers in student satisfaction & Quality education


Why Teachwell

The following things make us special

  1. Our Material & systematic session plan to cover course which are shared in advance with students
  2. Individual attention the hallmark of our instution
  3. Discussion of previous year papers & analysis so that student understands marking scheme & importance order of topics
  4. Our Tests constitute an important part of our PCP – personal contact program
  5. speed tests – to improve speed
  6. Quality check tests -to inculcate the art of giving best answers
  7. perfornance check tests – gives you ranking among peers
  8. conceptual check tests – taken as surprise so that u develop habit of studying & revising on daily basis
  9. other institute claim & ensure maximum admissions to the batches , we ensure & claim max results from our batches